The basics

  • You must be an AAJA member in good standing to apply for an individual mentorship.
  • We expect the mentee to work closely with the mentor to agree to a schedule of meetings and a plan of action. We recommend you try to establish up front a timeline that suits your schedules, and a clear set of goals you want to achieve over the course of your year-long mentorship.
  • Mentors and mentees are expected to meet in person or talk on the phone, at least once a month. If there is a problem with reaching mentors and mentees, please let Murali Balaji or Yowei Shaw know and we will work to address the issue.
  • Any AAJA-Philly member can apply for a year-long mentorship with an assigned mentor. AAJA-Philly will try to “match” a mentee with a mentor that best suits his/her needs. A mentee may request specific mentors, but because there are a limited number of members with different areas of expertise, we ask mentees to be patient.
  • Mentorships are concluded within a year after the assignment is made. It is up to the mentor and mentee to apply again for a mentorship with one another.
  • At the conclusion of the mentorship, both the mentor and mentee are required to complete evaluation forms. Unless you give us permission to share your feedback, all information provided in the evaluation is confidential.

More on the Mentorship Program


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