WINNER: Vijaya L. Balaji Scholarship Awarded


Congratulations to AAJA-Philadelphia’s 2014 Vijaya L. Balaji Scholarship winner, Marianna Sann, a freshman at Temple University!

Marianna, who lives in South Philadelphia, is the first in her family to attend college. Her grandparents and father came to this country after escaping the Cambodian genocide in 1975. She has been an advocate and member of Boat People SOS and aspires to be a broadcast journalist.

“Giving people without a voice a chance to share their stories is what I aim to accomplish,” she wrote in her application essay.

The scholarship committee recently selected Marianna as this year’s scholarship winner from a strong field of candidates. The Vijaya L. Balaji Scholarship is named after Mrs. Vijaya L. Balaji, the late mother of former AAJA-Philadelphia president Murali Balaji. Mrs. Balaji was a committed supporter to the chapter, who believed in the education of minority journalists. She created and maintained our chapter’s first website.


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